How to use the Knowledge Base

Getting Started Guide

Welcome to! This Getting Started Guide provides you with all of the essential information you need to get up and running quickly. Learn how to access your account using Secure Shell (SSH), set up e-mail access, configure your web site's domain settings, and more.

How to use the Knowledge Base

Is this your first time using the Knowledge Base? If so, welcome, and read here for information about how to locate the article you need and more.

Ordering a hosting package

Ready to become an customer and order a hosting package? Learn how here!

Reseller Quick Start Guide

This Quick Start Guide provides information you need as a reseller to get your site and your customers' sites up and running.

VPS Quick Start Guide

This Quick Start Guide provides all the information you need to get your new VPS up and running quickly.

Shared Hosting Quick Start Guide

If you're a brand-new shared hosting customer, this Quick Start Guide is for you.

Registering a domain

How do I register an internationalized domain name? What are Nexus Codes? Get answers to your domain registration questions here.

Configuring domain settings

Your domain name is what people use to find and visit your site. Learn how to set up your account's domain with these articles.

Accessing your account

Learn how to access your account using Secure Shell (SSH), FTP, SCP, and more. Although you can use cPanel to accomplish many tasks, some things are easier or possible only from the command line or by using a dedicated file management program, and these articles show you how.

Setting up e-mail

Learn how to set up e-mail for your web site. After you create an e-mail account for your site, you can access it using webmail or your own e-mail client application, such as Outlook or Thunderbird.

Migrating your data

You may already have web site content, e-mail messages, or databases on an existing web site. These articles guide you through the process of migrating that data to your account.

Backing up your data

Maintaining current backups of your data is always a good idea. These articles describe how to set up backups on shared hosting accounts, as well as VPS and dedicated server environments.

Publishing your web site

These articles show how you can publish your web site to an server using various applications, such as Sandvox.

Working with Linux servers run Linux, an operating system popular for its stability and security. Read these articles to learn how to use basic Linux commands, edit text files from the command line, work with compressed files, and more.

Introduction to VPS hosting

What is a VPS (Virtual Private Server)? Why would I want one? Learn about VPS options here.

Internet and networking

Learn how to troubleshoot network issues, clear a browser's cache, and more. policies

Acceptable use, privacy, terms of service... Get answers to policy-related questions here.

Why should I choose

We know there are a lot of web hosting companies out there. So what makes different? Why should you choose us as your hosting provider?

What makes fast?

Our speed, your success -- what makes's services fast?

Solid State Drive (SSD) advantages

Learn how Solid State Drives (SSDs) help provide a faster, more reliable hosting experience.

Creating a blog at

Setting up a blog on an account is easy! Learn more here.

Opening an e-commerce store at

Opening your own web store on an account is easy! Learn more here.

Determining your account’s server name

If you have a shared hosting or reseller hosting package, your account resides on a server with other accounts. Learn how to determine the server name in this article.

Common web hosting terms

DNS... SSH... SPF... If you are new to web hosting, there are a lot of terms and abbreviations that may be unfamiliar to you. This article contains a list of definitions for some commonly used web hosting terms.

How to start a blog

Start blogging now! These articles are a pain-free and fast introduction to the world of blogging.

Top-level domain (TLD) availability

Learn which top-level domains (TLDs) are available at for domains you purchase.

Hosting Plan Introduction

Have you just bought your hosting plan and looking to get started? This guide will walk you through the process of creating your site!

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